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    Goal of orientation is to help new employees learn about the organization as soon as possible.
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    Our career expertise who are well abreast with the current affairs and trends are in the best position to dispense advice.


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Orientation is to inform new employees about the nature of the organization.

A general organizational overview might include a brief review of the organization; the history, structure, key executives, purpose, products, and services of the organization; how the employee's job fits into the big picture; and other general information. If the employer prepares an annual report, a copy may be given to a new employee. Also, some organizations give new employees a list of terms that are used in the industry to help them learn regularly used vocabulary.

What are the Orientation

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Orientation requires cooperation between individuals in the HR unit and other managers and supervisors. In a small organization without an HR department, such as a machine shop, the new employee's supervisor or manager has to take the total responsibility for orientation. In large organizations, managers and supervisors, as well as the HR department, should work as a team in employee orientation.

Why is Gravity Workforce good at Career Counseling?

Career counseling may sound like a simple task or to perform, but the reality is quite different. In fact, several people may argue that they are the best career counselor for their family because of their wisdom and experience. However, the truth has a different story. It is true that Career counseling needs to be based on the talent and abilities of an individual, however, there are several other real world factors that need to be taken into consideration along with the current trends. Hence, our career counselors who are well abreast with the current affairs and trends are in the best position to dispense advice.

New Career Plans

New way to build your future

The traditional path of career are always there. In the current times; many new career options have developed. Many people are just not aware of them. Even if they are aware, people are not confident of pursuing them. Yet, many of these new career opportunities are very promising. It is the duty of the counselors to show them the light. These people can show the ways to pursue these new paths and the opportunities that lie across for them. Normally most of the general people are afraid to tread new paths.
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Better understanding

Get a better understanding of where your strengths lay

Surface your natural talent

Bring to surface your natural talent.

Eliminate career options

Helps you pick and eliminate career options based on your personal preference, objectives or limitations.

Match your skills and talent

Help match your skills and talent with a set of roles.

Prevents failure in careers

The benefits of Career Counseling are many as it prevents failure in careers.

Move ahead in life

Great to go ahead in career and move ahead in life.