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There is a good deal of career counseling services for young people. The careers advice service is very beneficial for these youngsters to select and establish their career. At 41lance Inte!-.,ntional, we are providing career guidance to students and young people to select the right career and be established in life. If you are looking for career change, job-hunting advice or mentoring then we can make your search a bit easier. Inte,Lijgaional is a professional career consultant and consulting services provider to clients all over the world with over 5 years of experience in the field.

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Over 40% of the employees consider employee orientation program an effective medium to convey good-work practices to the new joiners and beneficial in developing realistic job expectations, reveals a poll conducted by TJinsite, research and knowledge arm of TimesJobs.com. In fact, nearly 30% HR managers agreed that orientation programs help in controlling attrition rates by developing positive outlook towards work and organisation. An effective orientation program is not a one day affair but an ongoing process which could continue up to six months of a person joining the organisation.

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Orientation requires cooperation between individuals in the HR unit and other managers and supervisors. In a small organization without an HR department, such as a machine shop, the new employee's supervisor or manager has to take the total responsibility for orientation. In large organizations, managers and supervisors, as well as the HR department, should work as a team in employee orientation.

Why is Gravity Workforce good at Career Counseling?

Career counseling may sound like a simple task or to perform, but the reality is quite different. In fact, several people may argue that they are the best career counselor for their family because of their wisdom and experience. However, the truth has a different story. It is true that Career counseling needs to be based on the talent and abilities of an individual, however, there are several other real world factors that need to be taken into consideration along with the current trends. Hence, our career counselors who are well abreast with the current affairs and trends are in the best position to dispense advice.